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10 amazing steps to crack IIT JEE 2016

10 amazing steps to crack IIT JEE 2016

10 amazing steps to crack IIT JEE 2016

Unparalleled belief in oneself is the first step towards success in JEE 2016. Getting into IIT is the dream of many engineering aspirants. And it is their dream that gives them the confidence to crack JEE and be in IITs.

One of the major issues facing JEE aspirants is the problem of time management. It is advised to manage time properly. There shouldn’t be any partiality; equal importance should be given to all three subjects – Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Regularity and consistency are the keywords to crack JEE 2016 and be in one of the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs).

Timely revision and continuous practice are also important. For instance, if you are planning to invest 6 hours for JEE 2016 Preparation, you could possibly invest 2 hours for syllabus not completed yet, 2 hours for revising the topics already studied in a particular day and last 2 hours for practicing problems.

Another important thing, student should note while preparing for JEE, use proper study material which can guide them in the subjects. You must choose a good JEE 2016 study material and stick to it. Switching from one book to another might affect your exam preparation. Hence, choose the right material for JEE 2016.

Apart from choosing the right preparation material, candidates must also note a few basic points.

Top 10 tips to crack JEE 2016-

Before starting examination preparation, there are certain do’s and don’t’s of IIT JEE 2016 preparation that candidates should keep in mind. We list down top 10 amazing tips to crack the toughest entrance exam – IIT JEE.

  • Create a timetable which should have equal distribution of hours for each subject. In a nutshell, create a systematic and realistic time plan for JEE 2016 preparation.
  • Always start from basics. Without understanding basics, you won’t be able to solve advanced problems. Remember, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.
  • While preparing for JEE Main 2016 or JEE Advanced 2016, candidates should invest proper time in the theory as well as problem solving. Always ensure you solve problems in the limited/stipulated time frame.
  • Try try till you succeed. This comes true in case of JEE preparation. Do not refer solutions of questions before actually trying to solve it. Try to solve the questions at least five times, if even after this you don’t find the right answer, refer solutions.
  • Ignore the habit of leaving a question halfway. There are many candidates who attempt a question half; remember half knowledge is always wrong. So kindly get rid of it. For expert tips and tricks
  • Prepare a schedule that gives you enough time for your enjoyment and leisure as well.
  • Try to get complete sleep of at least 6 hours and maximum 8 hours. Since, if you are preparing for IIT JEE, it is important that your mind is stable and in peace for the next day preparation. Also, doctors recommend students to sleep by 11 p.m. and get up at 6:00 a.m. in the morning for JEE preparation. Since, this keeps your brain activity maximum in the morning and will help you successfully crack this exam.
  • Never mug up things; always try to understand concepts before studying it theoretically.
  • Never lose hope and confidence. Keep in touch with bright students and teachers to get your queries resolved and learn quick tips to solve the problems.
  • Always keep a copy of the latest syllabus with you. Before studying any topic, refer the syllabus.
    Planning is the key

JEE aspirants generally study for 1 to 2 years to crack Joint Entrance Examination. Hence, planning plays a pivotal role. A well-framed plan will keep you focused and help you achieve that most coveted seat in one of the 16 IITs.

What should you do?

  • Create a to-do list
  • Set your goals
  • Work out how much time is needed to achieve the set goals
  • Assign realistic time frame for each goal

After doing this, see if, you are able to achieve them. In most cases, the answer will be positive, but if in case it is negative find out the way to improve your preparation strategy. For expert tips and tricks.
Do’s for the Exam Day.

The below tips are just for the examination day. Students should take note of this during the examination day.

  • Attempt the questions you are sure about
  • First solve the questions that hold more marks
  • Remain cool and calm. Be confident
  • Read questions carefully before solving, work out a strategy in mind and use it while solving the paper
  • Drink water and don’t eat heavy breakfast or food before writing the examination paper
  • There is no partial marking in JEE. So, solve questions only if you know everything about the problem and have confidence to solve