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Crash Course

Crash Course

Crash Course

Mar 28 2016 • 3:30pm GMT.

Course Description

This course is mainly a rapid fire course which will cover the whole course within a stipulated one month time.

Why this is important?

The entrance exam is all about solving problems and the IIT JEE Crash program teach a student how to solve problems. Due to limited time, a student enrolled in the IIT JEE Crash Course will be able to solve a limited number of problems from different levels of difficulty – easy, normal and tough. Students need to think better and they can improve their thinking only by solving more problems. The crash course will teach an aspiring student how to solve problems, but he can only become an expert when he solves more and more problems.

Who should participate in the course?

Crash Course are for those students who have not been trained for the last 2 years for the entrance exam. This crash course will give them an exposure to the IIT JEE entrance exam patterns, areas and skills they need to focus in a short-period of time.

Course Details


Crash Course

Suitable for

JEE Main, JEE Advanced & PMT students


1 Month

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