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Foundation IIT JEE

Foundation IIT JEE

Foundation IIT JEE

Apr 04 2016 • 11:00pm GMT.

Course Description

A unique classroom program that targets overall development for class VIII, IX & X study students by providing them exhaustive coverage of Science and Mathematics of CBSE syllabus, enhancing analytical skills and exploring the thrills and joys of meeting the challenges of competitive examinations.

Why this is important?

Foundation Course is designed to empower the students in learning various problem solving techniques, enhancing their analytical skills, building up of examination temperament. Besides motivational sessions are held to help students think and work independently. This program has been designed to make students understand the key basic concepts of Science & the Mathematics subjects of the CBSE syllabus for Class VIII, IX & X rather than mere memorizing and cramming. It will help students to secure good marks in class VII, IX & X exams. This Classroom Program will also form the foundation of developing all the techniques required to excel in various professional entrance exams like IIT-JEE, Premedical Entrance Exams and various other competitive Exams.

Who should participate in the course?

Students studying in class VIII, IX & X, who want to excel in their final as well as Board examinations. Students who want to develop clarity of concepts at an early stage for competitive examination and those who want to build up a self esteem in their overall development, need to join the Foundation Course.

Course Details


Foundation IIT JEE

Suitable for

VII to X students


200 hrs

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