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Online Test Series

Online Test Series

Online Test Series

Apr 11 2016 • 3:00pm GMT.

Course Description

This Workshop will cover all topics which are part of the IIT JEE & AIPMT syllabus. This is a complete online course based on varied patterns with varied difficulty level. It will also set students for actual exam and build up the confidence to do well in exams.

Why this is important?

Online Test Series is a very effective test & assessment platform which gives students different type of tests with different level of toughness. It helps students to get comfortable with the actual exam. Our Online Test series will give an essential benefit to students to evaluate and review themselves and will also assist them to improve each section of the IIT-JEE and AIPMT Exams.

Course Details


Online Test Series

Suitable for

10th,11th & 12th students

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